Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween nails–Ulta3 Carrot Top with Bundle Monster

I’m finally posting my Halloween nails (only a week late!!)

I’m really not happy with how they turned out, but I’ll show them anyway!



Meh. This is two coats of Ulta3 Carrot Top, which is a really cool neon dark purple with a hint of red. I love this colour! I thought it would be way too bright for me but somehow it works.

I stamped with Bundle Monster for most of the nails but the spiders are Konad. You know what? Everyone raves about Bundle Monster but I just don’t get it. It is SO much more effort to get a clean image from their plates and some images don’t transfer at all! It’s so frustrating and quite often I ruin a perfectly good mani by stamping Bundle Monster over it and the image smudges or doesn’t transfer. It’s so irritating. The ghost smudged whatever I did and I tried to make it better by adding eyes but it so didn’t work. Ah well, better luck next time!




  1. I've only tried one Bundle Monster design, and that smudged too. I thought it was just me, so I'm actually glad to read that it isn't.

  2. Definitely isn't just you!!! I have a few friends who are just as frustrated with BM as I am!! Some of their images are cut so sharply that I get cotton from the cotton swabs stuck in it! Yet some people absolutely rave about them!? I'm going to stick with Konad!!