Tuesday, November 8, 2011

BYS Colour Change–Glitter Blue

I totally forgot about this BYS Colour Change polish in my untrieds drawer. I got this way back in Cat’s birthday giveaway.

This is the Glitter Blue colour change:


It’s sheer, really sheer. This is three coats and I still have visible nail line. It’s a super pretty and glittery pale blue, but my hands must be HOT all the time because it always stayed this colour.

I ran some cold water over my nails and they slowly turned dark blue on the tips. I quickly ran back to my study/nail room to take a photo and did just in time. Don’t mind the water droplets!



If only it stayed this way all the time.


Do you have any colour change polishes?



  1. I like that cold colour :)
    I have the BYS green/yellow and bright purple/pink.
    I haven't tried the purple yet but I'm wearing the green now. Mostly it is yellow now it's warm but I have long nails so the tips go green with a nice gradient effect when it's cooler at night and the green is stunning when I have my hands in cold water. I had to do about 8 coats to get decent coverage, it was like thin streaky slime. I had planned on using it as slime nails for Halloween but persisted until I had solid cover then I layered a top coat with green/gold colour shifting pigment and some glow in the dark and the result was amazing. Like a metallic greeny gold finish with colour change, gradient, colour shift and glowing all night :) Of and I stamped some bright green as an accent nail. It lasted a week without chipping then I got bored and tested out a black crackle over the top. I liked the results so much I've left it all on for another week. The weird thing is the glow in the dark works through the black, not just between the cracks.
    I'm kinda itching to remove all these layers and play with something new but there's no chipping or peeling and it still looks good so I'll probably leave it until my next nail mail :)

  2. My sister has the purple/blue one and it seems to work well for her. I did have some but I have a feeling I swapped them all before I got a chance to give it a whirl.

  3. I'm still dying to try color changing polishes! They seem so cool, plus it's like an effortless french tip! Haha (:

  4. I don't have any colour changing polishes, and they're not on my wish list either. My hands are pretty much the same temperature all the time, so the polish would stay the same colour all the time.

  5. pretty, but yeah it doesn't change much - I have the Purple/Pink one and that is more of a noticeable change

  6. Rebecca, I've seen those colours and they are awesome! The colour change is much more noticeable! 8 coats though!? No thanks!!!! Wow, your layering sounds amazing. I'd love to see it!!!

    Sarah, I think the pink/purple works the best out of all of them! That's what I've been hearing, anyway. I wish I bought it instead of the blue glitter :( I have the normal blue one, see how that goes!

    Sneakerette, yeahhh but only if you dip your hands in warm/cold water!!! My nails aren't long enough to get the french tip effect :( :(

    Rainbowify Me, I'm not keen to get any more either. My hands are hot all the time so I never got any colour change. I had to run ice cold water over the tips and bolt to my study to take photos to even get this photo!!

    Kristy, have you blogged it!? I'd love to see!!