Monday, October 17, 2011

Ulta3 Mojito

This is a bit of a strange colour. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But it’s like a neon pastel.

This is Mojito, from Ulta3’s Spring Collection:



Beautiful, beautiful neon pastel green. This was two coats. The formula was amazing and it wore so well. Two days and not one chip.

I’m really impressed with Ulta3’s Spring Collection. Last time I was in Adelaide, my sister managed to score six out of the eight colours for me. I’ve been wanting those two other colours (Mermaid Green and Sunset Pink) ever since. I made my sister a few Spectrafrankens and she found the Ulta3s for me in return Open-mouthed smile Thanks Cat Open-mouthed smile

I am sooo excited to get the other two colours. Ulta3 continually impress me with their unique and gorgeous colours and quality for such a cheap price.

And get this, they even have good customer service, too! When I was doing my nail marbling I noticed that I had a terrible brush in my bottle of Tangelo. There were huge bits of brush sticking out everywhere and I knew it would be totally impossible to do a mani with it. Fine for water marbling, not so good for neat painting! So I rang The Heat Group, who make Ulta3 and one of the lovely ladies there, Chantal, organised to send me out a replacement bottle. Three days later I got the bottle and a nice little note. Truly awesome customer service for a $2.45 bottle of polish.


Have you seen the Ulta3 Spring Collection?



  1. I love this colour and i can't wait to try it! I picked up 7 out of the 8 colours from the collection (just need sunset pink) when i was in canberra last week. I couldn't for the life of me find them here in SA. Hopefully i can find sunset pink soon!
    That is great customer service! You wouldn't really think so with the bottles being so cheap! Well done on getting a replacement bottle. I don't know if you have Facebook but ullta3 have a group on there, you could always contact them that way too!

  2. It is sooo gorgeous, isn't it? The chemist at the central markets (not the one near Subway, the other one closer to the food court) has them.. and so does a place near my sister's house (she lives North East). Does that help??
    I can't WAIT to get my Sunset Pink and Mermaid Green in the mail :D

    It is amazing customer service. I was so, so impressed! Oooh I didn't realise, I'll add them on Facebook :D Thanks hun!

  3. How beautiful! I've been hiding my eyes everytime I go pass the Ulta3 bins lately ... gotta wait til no buy is over *itches*

  4. I know, I love Ulta3 so much :D Such good quality for such a low price!

  5. I know, eh!? It's surprisingly flattering though!! :D

  6. Thanks for letting me know which ones have them! I'm more on the east side. I should go to the central markets sometime. I haven't been for a long time! probably pre-polish era (haha) Any other nice polish goodies to find at the central markets?

  7. No worries :) No really... both chemists have Ulta3s and that's about it!! I wasn't into polish when I lived next to the markets so didn't really look :(

  8. Whoa, LOVE this color! It's so bright and full of awesome :D Is it only available in Australia?

  9. It is, Eileen :( Sorry :( But Ulta3 do have a Facebook page so I'd go on there and ask if they can do international shipping :D I'd grab some for you but unfortunately I'm 600km (6 hours) from my nearest stockist!! :(