Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spectrafranken–Goblin Snot

This is the final Spectrafranken for the week! I just wish it were something a bit better than this Sad smile


This is Goblin Snot:


*sigh*. I had such high hopes for this Spectrafranken, but it’s just not as holo as I’d like it to be. It may be better in the sunlight but the past few days here have been very overcast. No sun to be seen!

This is two coats. I might add some more Spectraflair but I’m not sure whether to bother …


Now it is time to send links to all my Spectrafrankens to Cathy at More Nail Polish so that she can continue putting together her mega blog post on Spectrafrankens Open-mouthed smile




  1. You are harsh on yourself - this is lovely! Now calling it Goblin Snot makes me think you are also a gamer! I just had to laugh at the name!

    I think you've done a great job with all your holos.

  2. Haha yes, I am a perfectionist!! I'm not a gamer, so what does Goblin Snot mean in the gaming world?! What a fluke! Haha.

    Thank you :D

  3. I love this, the green is beautiful. I bet you find it's much more holo in the sun. Also, I had a hell of a time photographing some of my holos, they looked awesome on the nail and bottle, but the photos just look blah!

    I agree with Catkin, you're way too harsh on yourself!

  4. Thanks, Cathy :D I sent you all my links for my Spectrafrankens earlier!
    I think it would be more holo in the sun but we had such an overcast start to the week here :( Of course, it's sunny as could be now!!!

    I am definitely my own worst critic!!!

  5. Well! I have to admit to being a nerdy on line gamer and in a certain game is a thing called a "Goblin Snot Flinger" ugh - you get the idea :)
    Now you know why the name had me laughing.

  6. Hahahah, nothing wrong with being a nerdy online gamer :P Hahahah that's so funny! Goblin Snot Flinger, I like it!