Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bloom Tel Aviv and Antwerp with nail art

I had my friend Kate around to do nails last Sunday. I love doing her nails because she lets me do whatever I want Open-mouthed smile


I went with Two polishes from the B Bloom Collection: Tel Aviv and Antwerp:



This is two coats of Tel Aviv and three of Antwerp. I failed at capturing the gorgeous glitter in Tel Aviv, but you can see it in the bottle. It is so dark it’s almost black, but such a beautiful colour.

Antwerp is white with a very fine pearl shimmer through it. It’s not very noticeable at all but subtly pretty.

First I used my new fancy french tips stickers and then attacked her with my dotting tool. She loved it Open-mouthed smile 

Because I’m a perfectionist, I think it’s too messy, but as long as she’s happy, I’m happy!


Does anyone else find it a lot harder doing someone elses nails? Doesn’t make sense because you get to use your dominant hand the whole time, but I think it’s a control thing. I can put my hand wherever is easiest for me, but if it’s someone else’s hand it’s more awkward.

Also, does anyone think the fancy french nail looks like a tuxedo!?



  1. Looks great! it is definitely harder to do someone elses nails, I did the lady from my local post office nails for her daughters wedding - I thought it could have been better but she loved them

  2. I think we forget that most people don't spend as much time on their nails as we do!!!

  3. I have never tried to do anyone's nails except my 5 yr old niece. and she doesn't care if it's messy! I've never done anyone elses!!

  4. Gorgeous. I love how monochrome manis look.