Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Adelaide haul–WARNING–Embarassingly picture heavy!!

This post is extremely embarrassing.
Why? Because I went absolutely crazy when I was in Adelaide last weekend. I got to go shopping by myself for the first time in, oh, almost a year? Every time I go to Adelaide I’m either shopping with other people so I can catch up with them at the same time or I’m shopping with my partner. Which is fine, but I’m much more of a solitary shopper. I am a speed shopper. I rip through the stores and don’t waste any time. Especially now that I live in the sticks!

Anyway, I’m going to show you what I bought if you promise not to judge. Oh, who am I kidding, you guys would never judge me! Smile

Reign Supreme and Fool’s Paradise. I was looking for the new blue, Drop in the Ocean, but couldn’t find it Sad smile

Their matte top coat. I’ve been wanting to try this for ages. I tested it quickly on one finger nail and, well, I’m not impressed. I’m hoping it didn’t work properly because I already had a top coat (Seche Vite) on, but I don’t know. Let’s just say it dulled the polish a tiny bit and that’s about it. I’ll try it out properly before I slam it, though!

Target Haul
Aussie ladies, Target is a goldmine. Seriously. I discovered the nail polish clearance bin and absolutely went to town. I scored some amazing buys and did not pay more than $5 per polish!

**Note: I left the clearance price tags on to show you guys the awesome bargains I got! My partner laughed at me for it, but I wanted to show you what great things are to be found in the clearance bins!

Here’s what I scored:

Prague, Copenhagen, Maui. These are normally worth $12.95 each. Look at those prices!!

Chi Chi
Moondust and Disco Diva. The price tag on Moondust said $7.86 but it scanned through at $5 Winking smile. Winner winner, chicken dinner! The mini Disco Diva (which is still an awesome size, might I add!) was $5 too. These look so bling bling, can’t wait to try them out.

These are from their On Location collection: Koh Samui and Sao Paulo. I wasn’t too sure about these because I hadn’t tried them before. But then I tried Sao Paulo and let me just say, these are awesome quality! A new favourite!

Essence!!!!! I’ve been into every Priceline looking for any Essence polishes. I know they’re out there, but I don’t think they’re in Adelaide. I didn’t expect to stumble across these babies in Target. They are Love, Peace and Purple and Let Me In Pink. Do you see the slight purple shimmer in Love, Peace and Purple? It took me a little while to notice, too, and I was seriously wondering why they mentioned purple in the name. There were two others in the collection. I know one was a darker mint green, but I don’t remember the other. These were only $3.50 each!

Morning Glory
Of all places, Morning Glory have nail polishes. They stock stuffed toys in the shape of a dog turd, and they also stock polishes. Go figure.
Anyway, they are cheap!!

This is a beautiful unnamed pink with lots of pink and silver glitter, including bar glitter and STARS! As soon as I saw the stars, it was mine.

Tony Moly
I did not even know they sold these in Australia!! They didn’t have any of the bling bling glitter polishes that Stef featured on her blog, but I thought these colours were gorgeous! These don’t have names, so I’ll have to work on that!

Glossy Blossom
Such a weird name for a polish, but so many pretty colours. This is Glittershine Marine Blue, Green Jewel Blue, Melon Green and Lemon Chiffon Yellow. Cute names!

I also bought some funky nail guides:
Cannot wait to use these.

The Face Shop
I can’t go to Adelaide without visiting The Face Shop. They have awesome polishes and their staff are always so lovely.

These don’t have names either Sad smile Poor, nameless polishes. I will give you names soon! These were $12.90 each so a little on the higher scale of things, but they have a buy three get the fourth polish free deal which runs all the time. So it usually only works out to just over $10 a polish if you buy them all around this price.

Look at the stunning purple and blue shifting colours! I loooove this one. I did a mani for mum while I was in Adelaide and used this and she adored it.

Gorgeous purple, blue and green glitter, even though I haven’t captured it properly. Sorry, dodgy hotel lighting Smile with tongue out … Aaaand I just realised that made me sound like we stayed in a dodgy, dodgy pay by the hour motel. Bahaha.

HOLOGRAPHIC POLISHES! Did you know The Face Shop had these?!?! No!? Either did I! When I saw them I squealed and the sales lady said, “Oh yes, they are-“ and I completely cut her off and exclaimed “holos!”
She was thrilled that I knew what they were. She said she usually doesn’t know how to explain what they are to customers because they don’t know what holographic is.
Anyway, these are $14.95 each so they’re a little on the pricey side but I think they’ll be worth it.

Price Attack
I spotted this cute little mini pack and couldn’t resist. It’s got INM Out the Door top coat, and the silver and gold Northern Lights holographic top coats. So beautiful. I’ve been wanting to try Out the Door for the longest time. I’m so happy with Seche Vite but I’ve always wondered about OTD! So this will be a good travel size. This was $12.95, so not too bad a price, especially seeing as you don’t have to worry about what to do with the excess if you don’t like it!

Ultra Oil
My Revitanail cuticle oil was running low, so I picked up this Ultra Oil. It was a decent price ($7.95) and so far, so good! I gifted my Revitanail oil to mum.

My sister went bin diving for me on Friday night at the Central Markets and snapped up six out of the eight Ulta3 Spring Collection polishes. That chemist didn’t have a nice, neat display for the collection like I’ve heard, so my sister just had to use her instincts and try to work out which ones were part of the Spring collection. I think she did awesome! Six out of eight is amazing!
Aren’t they pretty? I’m missing Mermaid Green and Sunset Pink, which I really, really want.
Anyone want to buy them and send them my way? *puppy dog eyes* I’ll pay you!!

Carrot Top! My sister thought this might be in the Spring Collection so she got it, but it isn’t so I still took it Open-mouthed smile. Who am I to knock back a polish!? I actually don’t mind the colour, it’s really grown on me.

Okay, so the result of this massive, massive spending means I am definitely going on a no buy October. The exception to this rule is:
  • If any lovely soul finds me Mermaid Green and Sunset Pink from the Ulta3 Spring Collection.
That would end up costing me maybe $10 including postage, so I’m okay with that!

This may extend into November too, with one exception:
  • The Model’s Own Beetlejuice collection. I. Must. Have. This. I get the feeling it’s going to sell out super quick so I’m going to be jumping on that bandwagon and grabbing those polishes!

Can you guys support me on this? Pretty please? I’m not going to Adelaide again until the end of November, and that’s to do three days of massage short courses, so I think I can do this!
What do you think?



  1. Nice haul!!! Can I ask which Price Attack you got the mini OTD set from?

  2. Thanks, Kristy! I got it from the West Lakes Price Attack. Same as the cuticle oil!