Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Face Shop BL602

When I was in Adelaide a couple of weekends ago I did a mani for Mum. She’s been wanting one for so long but it’s so hard to find time to sit down and do nails when I’m in Adelaide. It’s always so rush, rush, rush. But I was going to a wedding around the corner from my parent’s house so I went to their place a little early and did her nails.

She was very pleased with the end result!



(Sorry for the crappy photo … it wasn’t very good lighting!)

The base is The Face Shop’s BL602, a gorgeous purple with a blue flash, or is it blue with a purple flash? It’s more of a duochrome, really. It’s totally and utterly gorgeous and I can’t wait to try it on my own nails.

Mum loves Konad too so I let her pick a design. She chose the classic zebra print from M57 stamped on with Konad Princess Special Polish in silver. We both loved how it turned out Open-mouthed smile

She was so worried the colour and stamping would be too “young” for her, but I told her that that’s the great thing about Konad: you’re never too old! These colours really suited her!


Have you done manis for anyone else lately?



  1. This looks awesome. I've totally converted my mum into a polish freak too, I can't wait to Konad her nails!

  2. Thanks :D I've converted my sister and now mum :P Bwahhaaha. She'll love it :D Everyone loves Konad!!

  3. I can barely paint my own nails! I have only done my 5 yr old nieces nails-she doesnt care if it's messy!

  4. I find it a lot harder to paint other people's nails.. and Konading too!!! Haha yeah, kids don't care, they just want the colour, and lots of it :p