Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Goodies galore!

I finally received my Ozsale order the other day. I’m not sure if I’m going to be ordering from them again, to be honest. While they have good prices, these took forever to get to me. They do warn you that items won’t be despatched until after the sale closes, but these took about five weeks to get to me from only a couple of states east from where I am. Not impressed! They ran out of one Bloom polish so they’re meant to be refunding it. I’ll have to keep an eye on that!

Anyway, onto the haul:




Adelaide, Sydney and Cairo.



Vienna, Antwerp, Tel Aviv and Bianca.



A four way buffing block. I’ve already used it and I must say, I’m really impressed!




Ocean Breeze, Galaxy, Perplex, Rock and Grape Icy. I’m so annoyed! I bought a mini Revlon three pack the other week and there is a purple in it called “Rock Star”. You guessed it, it’s the same as “Rock”!!! Gerrrr!



This is Galaxy up close. What a pretty, pretty polish. Can’t wait to layer this over a nice dark polish.


I also received my order of the Color Club Foiled collection. Before I show you them, look how the lady I bought them from wrapped them:


Isn’t that ADORABLE?! It’s the little things, people.

Anyway, here’s the foily goodness:


Wheeee!!!! I’m sooo excited about these! I probably should have shaken these up a little before the photos but you get the idea!


And finally, I got my giveaway prize from Julia’s giveaway: three PiCture pOlish nail polishes! I even got to choose the colours Open-mouthed smile Here’s what I chose:


When I opened these, I just stared. How beautiful are these colours?! I love everything about them. I love the colours, the bottles, the rubber tops, the font on the label (I’ve done graphic design at uni so I’m alllll about the fonts!)

They just look amazing. The three colours look so stunning next to each other too. I wonder if I did that subconsciously?

I’m sorry I’m gushing about these polishes, but they are just sooo pretty.

Alright, I’ll stop now … until I try them Winking smile


And that is it for hauling for at least October! I’m thinking it will stretch well into November too. I currently have 119 untried polishes, and I need to get through some of those before I buy any more!


How many untrieds do you have?



  1. You have 119 untrieds? I only have 90 total with about 40 untrieds... I better get on that! Hehe this makes me feel better about my ever expanding collection :P
    I would love to see a swatch of Bloom Bianca it looks gorgeous and I love your picture polish selection too!

  2. Amazing haul Em!!! Did you know that Bloom Bianca is the same as Chemistry 120 & B Bloom San Francisco? Adelaide is one of my favourite reds

    Untrieds :-/ approx. 200 - I need an intervention!

  3. Haha yeah, Julia, I have more untrieds than trieds at the moment!!!
    Bloom Bianca does look gorgeous, doesn't it? Thanks, I'm a bit in love with the Picture Polishes too!!

    Kristy, yes! I knew it was the same as San Francisco .. but not Chemistry 120!! Adelaide looks gooooorgeous :D
    Hahah I know what you mean about an intervention :P I'm on a no buy for October and possibly November too. I'm making an exception for the Beetlejuice collection by Models Own!

  4. hmmmm, maybe I will have to do a "no buy" when I get back from QLD on Nov. 7th

  5. No buys suck :( But good for saving money. I can't buy anything at the moment anyway because my paypal got hacked and I had to block all my bank accounts and credit card and get new ones :( :( :(

  6. I have a whole helmer drawer of untried - I suck.

    I'm jealous you got Bianca as I didn't get mine :( I'll have to look into getting Chemistry 120 now instead [thanks Kristy!]

    Those Color Clubs look fantastic!! Lucky duck!

  7. Woahhh, a whole helmer!? No wonder, you've been getting sooo many swap parcels lately :P I've been soo jealous.

    Awww poo, that really sucks that you didn't get Bianca :(

    I can't wait to try the Color Clubs for stamping :D

  8. Gorgeous polishes. Can't wait to see Marine. I probably have about the same number of untrieds.

  9. Marine is totally and utterly beautiful. I'll have it up next week :D