Friday, October 14, 2011

Bloom–Maui with Konad

This is one of the Bloom polishes I got on clearance in Target during the great Adelaide haul.

Can I just say how much I love these b collection by Bloom polishes?! They have such a great range of colours and the formula is amazing. They are normally $12.95 each, which is reasonable for an Aussie polish, but this was out for $3.38 on clearance in Target. How can you go wrong at a price like that!?

Anywhoo, on to the prettiness:


Cute, right? Such a gorgeous, lolly pink. I was so in the mood for a nice pink. This was two easy coats. Application was a breeze and I barely had any clean up to do because of how nice it was. It’s long wearing too – I still don’t have any chips and it’s almost the end of day two! And I am hard on my nails. Love!


I attacked it with Konad, of course:


Such a pretty, pretty stamp. And I love the colour combination. I felt so girly wearing this. I’m not a girly girl by any means, and I never used to have any pink polishes, but lately I’ve been going crazy for them!!


I realise this photo is blurry and crappy so I took another one after I’d been wearing the mani for three days:



Look at that! Only the tiniest amount of tip wear and a really small chip (only the top layer chipped so there was still a layer underneath it). Brilliant wear Open-mouthed smile I’m so excited to try the rest of my Bloom polishes now.


Do you love a good pink?



  1. Perfect pink and I adore your stamping!

    Picked up Maui for myself the other day along with Edinburgh and they scanned up at $1.69 *win*

  2. Thanks hun :D It is sooo cute.

    Omg, that is AWESOME! Edinburgh is lovely... It's gorgeous with flakies and then made matte :D Gotta love Target clearance bins :D

  3. oooh, that does sound like a good combo....will try it out next week on days off ;-)

  4. It is beautiful :D :D I'm feeling like flakies tonight, might have to address that :p