Saturday, October 29, 2011

NYC Color Pink Cheeks French Mani with Konad

Another Kate mani! My friend Kate just jetted off to America for two weeks, the lucky thing, so I did her nails for her before she left.

She felt like a simple, classic french made funky with a little Konad.

Here’s what we came up with:


Gorgeous! I used Manicare French White for the tips and NYC Color Pink Cheeks for the pink. Pink Cheeks was a little opaque to be used as a french pink and covered the white tips too much, so I freehanded another coat of white on top of it. I was surprised at how well I did with the freehanding.

I added a cute little bow onto each ring finger and then Kate said “man, it would be so cool if there were some way to make the centre of the bow silver”. No sooner had she spoke that I’d grabbed my dotting tool and Sally Hansen’s Celeb City and dotted the centre of the bow. It’s the little things that make a mani really pop!

I love doing Kate’s nails because, while she gives me free rein, she has some great ideas and we always have so much fun!



  1. This is really pretty. Sometimes, less really is more!

  2. Thanks, Eileen and Sarah :) I totally agree, Eileen. Less can definitely be more :D