Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sportsgirl–Show Off

What better way to welcome the cooler weather then to wear a gorgeous, squishy dark teal jelly. I’ve really been into the darker colours lately and I completely blame the weather! I love cold weather though, so I’m loving it. The nights and early mornings here are sooo cold, so at the moment I’m rugged up with a blanket on the couch. Bliss!


This is Sportsgirl Show Off:


Such a beautiful colour. This is two coats and it had an awesome formula. As most dark teals, it stained a little around my cuticles but nothing too drastic. I do love teals, they’re my favourite!


This is my first Sportsgirl polish and I’m pretty impressed so far. My sister gave it to me for Christmas and I’ve only just gotten around to wearing it (that says something about the state of my untrieds drawers …)


Are you enjoying the cooler weather?



  1. Awesome colour! I've never tried the sports girl polishes, i have heard they chip a lot too. Has yours chipped much?
    And no! I hate Winter! can't stand Winter! And i'm not looking forward to it! /end rant hahaha.

  2. 0o0o pretty colour I love dark colours aswell. I also love the colder months. Ive never tried Sportsgirl polish I may have to now!


  3. Kel, this one was really good and didn't chip at all! I had it on for a good few days too! I loove Winter :P Although getting out of bed in the freezing cold is not fun :(

    Thanks, Skye! Definitely give Sportsgirl a go! A lot of the time they have polishes on clearance there too!