Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mimco–Russian Red with OPI DS Bold accent nails

My friend Kate came over the other day to meet my new kitten Max, and she mentioned that she was looking for the perfect red polish.

I had just the thing for her! So we sat down and I gave her a mani:


Mimco Russian Red, two coats, and OPI DS Bold as accent nails on the thumb and ring fingers, also two coats.

Russian Red is THE perfect red. You will never find another red as nice as this one. I know that’s a huge, sweeping statement but it’s true!

Unfortunately Mimco only sell this in a duo pack with another colour, “Nude”, but you’re lucky because that is a gorgeous colour too!

Kate loved her nails and, two days later, reports no chips in Russian Red and just one in DS Bold Open-mouthed smile



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