Saturday, April 7, 2012

Orly–Sapphire Luck

This Orly polish is a pretty little number! My lovely mother picked it up from me when Orly’s were out for $5 each at Priceline. Very good choice Open-mouthed smile

Sapphire Luck, two coats over essence The Dawn is Broken.
This is a gorgeous purple shimmer with a blue colour shift. It’s very subtle but it’s there! It’s just really hard to photograph. It's such a beautiful colour. My mum always does well in picking out polishes for me!

This was awesome for a quick polish change when I didn’t have time to do a whole new mani. Go layering!

Did you pick up any Orly bargains?


  1. Ooh I can't wait to try that! I also picked up Sapphire Luck, along with Scarlet, Walk down the Aisle, Golden Halo and Opal Hope. I got a bit carried away :P

  2. Ooh awesome :D Well, Orlys at $5 each, I can't blame you :P If I got to go in store and pick them out myself I guarantee I would've come out with waaay more :P