Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ulta3–Blue Heaven

I love this polish. I love, love, love this polish. I did this the day I got my gel polish put on so I only got to wear it for a couple of hours. Heartbroken! I will definitely wear it again soon.

This is Ulta3 Blue Heaven from their new Gelato collection:
Two coats of perfection. Beautiful formula.
I just LOVE these bright pastels. Can’t get enough of them! So perfect for summer and they will brighten me up in Winter, I can tell!

Do you have the new Ulta3 Gelato collection?



  1. This is a really lovely blue! I only have 1 so far...lemon tart. It wasn't great so a great excuse to try another right!?

  2. It is gorgeous :D Absolutely, that's a great excuse ;)

  3. Nice! I need to get my hands on these I think!

  4. You definitely should, Sarah, they are such gorgeous colours :D

    Thanks, Mel!