Monday, January 9, 2012

piCture pOlish–Nude

This is the first polish I used on myself after I left my nails naked for a week over Christmas. This is piCture pOlish Nude – I thought it was rather appropriate!!

Awww, look at those lil nubs. Poor things, they were so trashed.
This is three coats of Nude. Sorry to say but this was a terrible formula. First piCture pOlish I’ve used where I haven’t been 100% impressed Sad smile It was a lovely nude colour though. I had chips the next day so it wasn’t too hard wearing either Sad smile Boo.

This was my New Years Eve colour. Exciting, right? Smile with tongue out I didn’t get time to do anything fancy and I didn’t have much of my nail stuff with me in Adelaide.

What did you do to your nails for New Years?

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