Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lish Gel Polish

 I'm trialling something completely new to me at the moment.

Amanda from Red Desert Beauty has introduced the Lish Gel Polish range to her salon and she convinced me to give it a go. The Lish gel nail polish is exactly like Shellac, just a different brand.

My nails have been pretty weak and peely lately so I thought it might help keep my nails a bit stronger. I'm going to try leave it on as long as possible but it's day two and I'm already missing painting my nails so, so much.

Anyway, here are the gel nails she did for me:


First Amanda trimmed, filed and shaped my nails. Then she used the Lish Scrub It and Prep It to prep my nails so they were ready for a coat of Seal It as a base coat. She then cured my nails for 2 minutes under her UV Lamp.
She used a gorgeous hot pink polish called Cupcakes. She did two coats of Cupcakes and cured my nails for 2 mins between each coat. Then she added a gorgeous glitter coat called Pavlova and a Lish loose glitter for my ring fingers and cured it again. Then she added a coat of Seal It and cured for another 2 mins. Then she used Lish Scrub It to remove the tacky layer and they were all done!

I'm hoping to keep this on long enough to share the wear and tear of the polish with you guys. I'm curious to see how long it lasts because I am so tough on my nails. I did catch my nail really badly on my t-shirt tonight and there was not a single chip, rip or tear! Impressive!

Have you ever used a gel polish? What do you think?

PS I'm going to be posting some other manis I have photos of in between the Lish progress posts just to keep things interesting!


  1. Your nails look great. I have been using gel polish since September and love it. If I get board I just put some regular polish over it with top coat. It you want to take the regular polish off use non acetone remover

  2. Thanks :D I'm itching to paint my nails so I might just have to do that!!! It's really hard to get used to having perfectly painted nails all the time :P haha