Thursday, January 26, 2012

essie–Buy me a Cameo

I’ve been so uninspired with blogging lately. I think it’s because I’m pouring all my creativity and inspiration into my custom polishes. So when I wear a polish I hate I don’t want to blog about it and I put it off. But then I tell myself that I should still blog about the polish even if I hate it because I can’t love everything!

Anyway, this is a polish I hate: essie’s Buy Me a Cameo:


Two coats. Urgh. It does not do it for me. It makes my cuticles appear red and gross (I swear they’re not that bad!!!). Because it’s a pearl finish you can’t escape the lines.


I was so unimpressed with this polish.


Have you worn this one before? What do you think?



  1. Yep, a little frosty for my liking, but I do like the colour.

  2. THAT'S the word I was looking for, thank you!!! I could not think of the word so I just went with pearly :P

  3. erk that doesn't look like a colour I could wear either.
    hehehe I'd give that one to my Mom or franken it.