Friday, January 6, 2012

Adelaide Christmas Haul!

I picked up some awesome polishes while in Adelaide over Christmas and New Years. Some were presents, some were ones I bought for myself. Are you ready? Here we go!

A Drop in the Ocean. I’ve been wanting this blue for ages and finally picked it up. It looks like a gorgeous, gorgeous vibrant blue.

I have been lusting after Essence glitters ever since I saw them on quite a few Aussie blogs. I picked up the two that appealed to me most:
Blue Addicted and Time for Romance. Jam packed full of glitter. I’m in lurv!

I also got some from the Vampire’s Love collection because they had some pretty unique colours which jumped out at me. Excuse the shocking photo.
The Dawn is Broken, Gold Old Buffy, Into the Dark and True Love. I cannot wait to try Into the Dark, which is a beautiful blue with a silver glitter through it.

Do you know, I didn’t even know Mimco made polishes?! B’s mum got these for me as a Chrissie present and I love them.
Russian Red and Nude. I’ve tried the Russian Red on my toes already and it is stunning. It’s a one coater (which stains the cuticle like crazy, mind you!!). I can’t wait to try Nude.

203 (flakies, eeee!) and XL7.
I’m a bit mad at myself because I wanted the blue flakie. I picked it up and gave it to the shop assistant and she said they had run out… she showed me XL7 quickly and said “it’s pretty much the same but it’s the same price for a bigger bottle”. I should have clicked that there was no way they were going to be selling the same polish in a bigger bottle for the same price!! XL7 is gorgeous, but it’s definitely not a flakie. Grr. So now my hankering for the blue flakie still remains.

$4.95 for a Revlon polish when they are up to $17 in pharmacies – can’t go wrong!

I picked up these three Glimmer Glosses because they looked so perdy. This is Blueberry Burst, Apricot Freeze and Pina Colada Pop. Can’t wait to layer these babies!

My sister got these for me for Christmas. I’ve never tried the Sportsgirl polishes before but they look like gorgeous colours!

?? and Lucky Star. I can’t actually see the name of the beautiful dark teal polish because it’s rubbed off the label. Can anyone help me out here?

Ulta3 have released yet another gorgeous collection, their Gelati Collection.
These have to be my absolute favourite Ulta3 colours yet. They are perfect for summer!

Violet Rumble, Kiwi Kaos and Lemon Tart.

Blue Heaven, Strawberry Sundae and Mango Mayhem.
These are all gorgeous colours, what I’d call bright pastels. I can definitely see a skittle mani in the future!

NYC Color
I picked these three polishes up in a service station on our way out of Adelaide on New Years Day. For any non-Aussies, a service station is a gas station/petrol station.
They were 3 for $6 so I jumped at them!

Gold Coin, Bronzed and Copper Penny. So perdy. B picked them out for me and I can’t wait to do some tape manis with these.

How do you like my haul? That will be all the hauling I’ll do for a while now. I have so many polishes to try!!



  1. Nice! I've never seen or tried the Inglot polishes I'll be keeping an eye out on here for them!

  2. Great haul Em, hope you had a great Christmas & New Year

  3. They have some gorgeous flakies, Holly!

    Thanks, Kristy. Had a great one, hope you did too!

  4. Great haul! I so wish that Essence would expand and find a market in more countries. :)

  5. Oh I know!! They have some amazing polishes

  6. wow nice haul!
    the sporties is called show off :)

  7. Thanks :D Awesome, thank you!! That would have annoyed me if I hadn't been able to find out its name!

  8. Great haul, so jealous that you have the Gelato collection!

    I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award:

  9. The Gelato collection is soooo pretty :D :D

    Thank you for the award :D