Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BYS haul

Can I get a woopwoop? My BYS haul just arrived from Fashion Addict and I could not be happier!!! I placed my order last week and quickly got an email back from the Director of Fashion Addict, Dave, saying that three of the colours I’d ordered were deleted lines. I selected four different colours and asked him to send me an updated total, but he was awesome enough to say not to worry about it, that I didn’t have to pay any more Open-mouthed smile My polishes were shipped on Friday and they’re already here!!!!! It’s only Tuesday, plus yesterday was a public holiday. Now that is fast postage, especially out here in the sticks. Even better, postage was free because I spent over $40!!! I’ve just heard that they are now shipping internationally, which is fabulous.

BYS are my favourite Aussie nail polish brand. Unfortunately I’m pretty limited where I live for nail polish choices, especially BYS. A gift store here sells a few BYS colours but a lot of them are old and starting to get thick and gluggy. Last time I bought a few polishes from there, they were way too thick. Oh well, I’ll thin them out with Seche Restore when I get around to buying it!

Anyway, I digress. Onto the goods. But first, look how carefully and considerately these babies were posted to me?!


P1010692 P1010693

Wrapped in bubble wrap, then some kind of soft material, THEN held together with plastic and padded with paper in a sturdy box. I was so relieved! I’ve heard and seen way too many horror stories about broken nail polishes in the post, spilling all over everything.


Eleven lovely polishes all standing in a row …



Indian Nights, Plum Crazy (glitter) and Raspberry Sorbet. Raspberry Sorbet is a gorgeous dark red with a shimmer through it. Beautiful!



Dark Teal, Fern (glitter), Hocus Pocus (glitter) and Ocean Breeze. Dark Teal looks like a jelly – squeeee!!!! And Hocus Pocus looks completely and utterly amazing. I wish I could have capture all the loveliness but to be honest, I suck at taking photos and this camera is just not that great. I may have to pinch my partner’s to see if it’s any better.



White Pearl, French White, Pink Manicure, Baby Pink. Some fairly tame colours which I desperately needed (I’m currently job hunting and need some “safe” interview colours).


The only dilemma now is which polish to try first!? Any ideas? I need to do my toes too, which I’m thinking I might do Plum Crazy … is it okay to post toe pics on here!? I know some people are funny about feet, but I don’t mind them. I’m a massage therapist so I’m often asked to massage feet, and I don’t have a problem with it. As long as they’re clean and taken care of, I see nothing wrong with feet.

You’ll hear from me soon!


  1. They're so quick aren't they. My order was placed on the Friday and came on the Tuesday after the public holiday. Such lovely colours too.

  2. They are fabulous!!! And the prize is so good too. I'm hooked :D