Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BYS Ocean Breeze

My first proper review – woo! I decided I had to try BYS Ocean Breeze on my nails first. I was a bit nervous about this one because I thought I’d need a million coats for good coverage, and I thought it would be rough and hard to manage. Well, that’s everything this polish was NOT!!



This is just one coat of Ocean Breeze.



And this is two.


How amazing is that?!?! I still have a tiny bit of VNL (visible nail line) but nothing major. I love this polish. I can’t stop looking at my sparkly fingers!!! It’s got a sheer light blue-green base, fine silver glitter, larger blue glitter and silver bar glitter. I love me some bar glitter!! This was so, so easy to apply. It was the perfect consistency and even without a coat of Orly Sec n’ Dry top coat, it was smooth and shiny.


Here’s a close up of the bottle for sparkly goodness.


How can you not love it!??!



And a blurry close up to show off the sparklies.


I really don’t want to take this off my nails but I also really want to try the other BYS polishes I got yesterday. It’s a hard life when that’s all I’ve got to worry about at the moment Winking smile I still can’t get over how cheap BYS polishes are and how amazing quality they are. If you’re an Aussie nail fanatic, you’ll know that a bottle of OPI nail polish retails for $19.95, some special collections are even higher. There is nowhere in South Australia to get China Glaze, we have a limited range of Orly polishes (I’ve only seen mini bottles for $8.95 in SA) and forget even trying to get NFU Oh. We get majorly ripped off here, that’s for sure. That’s why I’m so heavily into BYS. They have a great range and they are such good quality. You can get them from K-Mart, The Reject Shop and online at Fashion AddictFashion Addict is the only e-tailer I’ve found who sell a great range of BYS.. There is one other site which has a limited range but nothing spectacular.  Now, if BYS just started making holographic polishes, my life would be perfect Smile with tongue out


I’ve been reading a lot of nail blogs (shock horror!!) and have seen some really cool designs which are easy to do. I’m going to try my hand at some funky designs and see how I go! Stay tuned for some weird designs.



  1. Hi Em! Just came across your blog then realised you were already following mine so i'm now stalking you! haha
    I didn't know you were from SA.. I am too! and yes it stinks we don't have cheap nail polish. Can't find anything here! I usually resort to international either ebay or a few sites that i've purchased from before. I will never buy from DJ's! too exxy! and the mini Orly's at the chemist suck big time. i can get a full sized 18ml bottle for the same cost if not cheaper (including postage sometimes). If you can get near a Terry White Chemist, try Ulta3 nail polishes. They are only $2-$2.50 and are usually pretty good! BYS are good too!I found a BYS Holo Glitter polish the other day too! Totally bought it! I think they are new and just coming out! It's called "starlette".
    Anyway, have a nice night!

  2. Hey Kelz,
    Thanks for your comment! Yup, I follow your blog. Came across it not too long ago and love it :) Your border collie is soo cute :)

    Unfortunately we don't have a Terry White Chemist :( We have 1 chemist and it's just a private one, not one of the big chain ones :( All they have are Revlons, a few Revitanails, the mini Miki ones and a random set of Bloom polishes (which have been there for as long as I have - 7 months)!

    Hey, seeing as you're from SA, if you ever want to do a US order together and share postage I'd be keen on it! I can pay postage to get it from Adelaide to me here, won't be very much :)

    Starlette sounds amazing!! Where did you get it?