Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I’m in looooove! My partner has some competition for most loved, because my Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat and Ridge Filling Base Coat have arrived!!!!



Very hard to get a pic of the top coat because it’s so shiny!



Goodbye, BYS Base Coat and Orly Sec n’ Dry Top Coat. You have served me well. Especially the BYS Base Coat, because even with the darkest nail polishes, my nails have never been stained. I stain the crap out of my cuticles, but my nails have always been perfectly clean. The Sec n’ Dry was pretty good, but it doesn’t compare to Seche Vite. I have no thinner at the moment so it was hell to get on my nails because of how little was left. I was also getting major shrinkage. I didn’t get any of these problems when I had a fuller bottle, though!


The Seche polishes are both amazing. The base coat is a pearly colour, which I’m really not used to, but it really does make my nails nice and smooth and ridge-free. I have these weird ridges on the very side of my thumbnails, and it sorted them out no worries. The top coat is just … perfect! I made sure I applied it neatly and not over any mess I wanted to clean up, because I’ve heard it’s hell to get off in clean up. The result? Perfect, glossy, hard nails without a wrinkle or dent Open-mouthed smile I’m so happy!!!

I’m currently putting together an order from for some China Glaze and Colour Club polishes … any suggestions?




  1. que buena eleccion

  2. SV is fantastic isn't it. Check if 8ty8 have Revvvoulution (Color Club), it's gorgeous.

  3. It's so good :D Can't believe I've waited so long to try it!
    Ohh I LOVE Revvvolution!!! Thank you so much for suggesting it, it's beautiful!! It looks pretty holo-y, is it??

  4. Oh let me know how SV turns out. I'm looking for a new topcoat. I currently use Sally Hansen Insta-dri. It's expensive and was looking for an alternative.

    Recent colours i got from Colour Club & China Glaze that are awesome are
    CC Revvvolution
    CC Worth the risque
    CC Wild at heart
    CC Untamed Luxury
    CC scented yum gum, Raspberry Rush & wicked sweet
    ChG Emerald Sparkle
    ChG Ingrid
    ChG Endurance
    ChG Black Diamond

    Hope this helps. Google some colour swatches might help you decide too!
    Also can you let me know how 8ty8beauty go? I've always wanted to order from them but not sure on shipping cost and i don't like to use my credit card. let me know if it all works out fine =)

  5. SV is awesome, Kelz!! I got mine off ebay for a few dollars, I think it ended up costing me less than $10 including postage!!

    I had a few of those on my list, definitely going to get them :D Emerald Sparkle looks amazing and so does Untamed Luxury.

    Yeah I'll let you know how 8ty8 goes!!

  6. hey, have you got your 8ty8 order yet? just wondering how it went and how payment went?

  7. Heyhey,
    I haven't ordered from them yet .. that's my next order once "No Buy July" is over :P Will let you know though!