Sunday, June 26, 2011

BYS scotch tape mani–Baby Pink & French White.

My first set of scotch tape nails!


These are the nails I wore on my first day of work on Thursday.  I’m pretty please with how they turned out. Not bad for a first attempt! First I did two coats of BYS Baby pink. This was a biatch to apply because I got a bad brush which had a few strands sticking out everywhere .. and the formula was pretty thick. After a coat of SV it evened out alright though .. then I taped off my nails and applied a coat of white and then another coat of SV. I really like both these colours. The pink is a really pretty shade.


I did them on Wednesday afternoon and straight after I did I went to work to sort out my access passes .. I got a compliment straight away! And then my supervisor commented on them the next morning! Everyone was pretty impressed. Next time I need to make sure the tape is down properly because I had a little bit of bleed on most nails which bugged my perfectionist self.


One thing I did not bargain on was how dirty my nails would get at work. Even though I don’t work underground in the mines or anything and I run between offices all day, the white on my nails got filthy. It was so disgusting that by lunch time I was dying to take it all off. No amount of washing could fix it Sad smile I had to take it off as soon as I got home from work and had naked nails (bar a coat of SV Ridge Filling Base Coat, which is a gorgeous pearly colour on its own anyway!) for the next day. I felt so unfinished the whole day without pretty nails Sad smile

I can’t wait to try my next scotch tape mani! Any ideas or requests for colours/designs?



  1. Ooh this is a pretty mani, nice and feminine! Sucks about having to take it off early though :(

    I've done a mani like this before, with polka dots added on the tip-section. It was pretty messy because I don't have a steady hand, but it wasn't TOO hideous.

    PS. That wasn't a short post! Good job :D

  2. Thanks :D I thought it was very girly as well! I couldn't believe how dirty it got :(
    I don't have a steady hand either, but it's good to try these things eh??
    Thanks :P :P

  3. Very pretty. I still can't get the hang of Scotch Tape nails. One day, I hope

  4. You'll get there! If I can do it anyone can :D

  5. Thanks, Stef :D I felt so girly wearing it!