Monday, April 15, 2013

Rimmel Night Before

A few months ago I was in Adelaide with the lovely Kristy from The Polish Haven, Sarah Claire from Shatter Me Claire and their other nail-a-holic friend, Margie. We popped into Gloss Cosmetics and Kristy convinced me to try this baby. Oh, I’m so glad she did!



Rimmel Night Before. Two coats. This was very nearly a one coater but as I can never bring myself to do just one coat, I did two.

This is such a stunning deep purple with a lighter purple/pink shimmer. It it a real stunner and I wish I could have captured its true beauty.


Good job, Rimmel!!



  1. Absolutely gorgeous on you! I should really get around to picking this up myself, Margie had me convinced that I already had this one but I don't - lol

  2. Hahah dang Margie :P :P You definitely need it.
    Thank you TikiBarbie :D

  3. Such a pretty color! Love the way it shimmers <3