Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Holo heaven–Chemistry 518 and Jade Hypnose

It’s still quite warm and sunny out here in the desert. You wouldn’t know it’s autumn, that’s for sure Sad smile I’ve been wearing quite a lot of holos because well, why not!?

This is Chemistry 518:
Two coats, gorgeous formula! Chemistry is a dupe brand of Ozotics and a friend of mine got this for me for cheap cheap. I did some stamping with Konad and an accent nail using Cult Nails Nevermore and 518 to stamp on that. The stamping didn’t turn out great on the accent nail but you can still see the holo-ness!
This next one is one of my faaavourites.

Jade Hypnose. Jade holos never fail to impress. This is two coats. I just love this gorgeous, summery blue.

What’s your favourite holo?



  1. Beautiful & jeez your nails are perfect right now!

  2. Naww thanks hun :) I chopped them down to nubs the other day.. these photos are from a couple of months back. But they are definitely in the best condition they have ever been in. Thank you Rejuvacote :D

  3. oooh, they're pretty!
    I don't know what my favourite holo is, because they're all so pretty! :)