Tuesday, July 24, 2012


As you all know, I don’t have access to a lot of polish here in the desert. I was whinging on the Aussie Nails Facebook group that I wanted the new Ulta3 magnetics and the lovely Kelly sent them to me! Thanks, Kelly!


I tried out Enchanted first, which looked grey in the bottle but turned much darker once the magnet was applied.

I decided to try out all the different magnets and got this:


Thumb: star, pointer finger: diagonal lines, middle finger: chevrons, ring finger: vertical lines, pinky: star again.

The magnet was pretty crap to use, I’ll admit. A small flat magnet stuck on a piece of cardboard. This first hand turned out well, apart from the chevrons. Apart from that design, all the other designs turned out pretty well! I got to my right hand and wow, I could not make it work. For some reason I could not get the design to show up on the curved parts of my nails. I understand that this was due to the flat shape of the magnet but how come I managed to do my left hand alright?!


I would definitely recommend using a different magnet for these polishes. For the price (AUD$4.95 each which includes one magnet), I can’t really complain though.

I’m looking forward to trying “Bewitched” next, the pretty deep red.


What do you think of the Ulta3 magnetics?



  1. I saw them when I was in a chemist out of town last weekend. I resisted. I'm not sure that I need magnetics in my life. I played with one once but I got rid of it.

  2. I'm not a huuuge fan of them but these were cheap enough to give them a go! I personally don't see the fascination.. I wore this for a day and then got bored of it!!