Friday, July 13, 2012


Sometimes a polish has a crap formula, but it’s so worth it. This polish is one of those.
I bought this off the lovely Carli during her recent blog sale. I got some polishes I’ve seriously been lemming for a long time like a couple of Sally Hansen Chromes which are supposedly awesome for stamping. Thanks, Carli!

This is HITS Dreams from their Mari Moon collection:
Excuse the terribly oily cuticles … someone obviously forgot to rub the cuticle oil in Winking smile
This was two coats over NYC Color Night (which is the same as Ulta3 Black Satin). It’s a one-coater black which I love! The formula for Night was pretty decent, a little patchy in some coats which made me think it wasn’t going to be a one-coater but it evened out in the end.
HITS Dreams had a terrible formula. I don’t know it needed thinning but it was gluggy and thick. I didn’t want to add thinner because I didn’t want to risk thinning it too much. Anyway, it dried surprisingly quickly for how thickly I had to paint it on and I loved the result.
Really, who doesn’t love a good multichrome? I saw so many colours in this – blue, purple, gold, red. It was just absolutely stunning and it was my favourite when it turned a deep, dark blurple. *sigh*. So pretty!

Do you have any of the Mari Moon polishes?


  1. This is gorgeous. I love the natural gradient that the polish creates xx

  2. It is beautiful! Natalie, that is such a perfect way to describe it!