Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Here we go, my first Chanel. *dreamy sigh*. This polish is just frickin’ unbelievable.

I got this polish from Ozsale for $15 a few months ago. I saw it and leapt on it because it was an awesome prize. I was deliberately saving it for when I went to Adelaide for a weekend so I could test how long I could get out of it and so I didn’t have to put up with chipping, yuck nails.


What a perfect polish to wear when you can’t change your polish.


Honestly, isn’t that just spectacular? This polish, as you all know, is a gorgeous duochrome which flashes from gold to green in the light. I actually preferred this polish in the shade because it just glowed. How I love glowy polishes!!
This was two coats which were a pretty good formula. I had a few problems with dragging but I just waited a little longer for each coat to dry and I was fine!

Now, the wear-time.


I applied this polish on a Thursday night and went to Adelaide on the Friday afternoon. I got back the next Monday night. The only reason I changed my polish was because I had time to and I knew I wouldn’t have time the next night. My polish still looked amazing. I had a little bit of wearing on a couple of the corners. Not chips, just a bit of wearing. But you could only notice if you looked closely.


I must say this polish has certainly fuelled my want for more Chanel polishes, including the Les Jeans collection. Hrmmm…




  1. Amazing colour! Ive always want Ed a chanel nailpolish but there sooo expensive

  2. Argh $15 from ozsale. That's awesome. This is one of my favorite polishes of all time. Stunning.

  3. They are really expensive :( I was lucky with this one!

    Thanks, Kittensilks :D

    Cathy, I know :D it's just beautiful! Can't get enough!