Monday, July 2, 2012

Custom Polish–Silver Surfer

I’ve been taking a break from my custom polish line, Love Thy Polish. There has been so much drama in the polish world about ‘indie’ polish makers and it’s made me take a step back and realise the polishes I like to make (and most of the time don’t make) are generally not what the blogging community want. On the other hand, they’re not what the general public want either. They’re somewhere in the middle. They’re what I want. And I’m fine with that! I get more enjoyment out of making half a bottle of polish for myself, trying it then and there, taking photos of it and blogging it. So that’s what I’m doing at the moment.  Who knows, maybe I’ll go back to selling them and I’ll still make them by special request, but we’ll see!


Anywhoo, enough babble and onto the holo goodness!


This is my silver holo, Silver Surfer. Nothing fancy, just a shitetonne of Spectraflair dumped in suspension base. I realised I didn’t have a silver linear holo and was craving holo goodness! I love making holos because they always turn out beautiful


What do you think?


  1. This is beautiful, stunning and omg I want it! I own 0 holographics as I wouldn't know where to get on here, I so need one in my life! xxx

  2. I can make you some if you like :) Tell me colours and I can whip some up!

  3. This is so beautiful and I LOVE the name!

  4. Thank you thank you :D So sweet of you guys to say!

  5. I had wanted to respond to this for some time but I was unable to as I did not have access to the right things to be able to do it... Anyway, now I can say:

    I can understand why you would want to take a step back. Do what you enjoy and come back to it.

    I would not sell yourself short with whether you are meeting the needs of your market. You already have great packaging with a good name. I like it, for what it is worth!

    I also think that the market can be a tough one to crack into. I have come newly into the realisation of indie polishes but most seem to start out on etsy and then progress to a shop front of their own if etsy no longer meets their needs.

    Selling at a market can be soul crushing with the amount of time you spend at a stall trying to make sales. Alternatively, selling online and waiting for people to receive what you have posted can be just as troublesome. There are some dishonest people out there and things can sometimes go wrong.

    Ooops, I am rambling, but I would like you to know that I like your creations. I thought Toxic Sludge was the most interesting and I had to talk myself out of wanting it because I did not think I would ever wear it. Not good for you to get a sale though. :(

    Thanks for the blog!

  6. Aw, thanks so much for your comment :) To be honest, I'm not really fussed about taking a step back from the indie market. I never even put my polishes in an online store or advertised them properly or anything.. so I wasn't really ever fully into it. Trying to create new colours which I necessarily didn't like that much but I thought others would like got to me a bit... that's why I just decided to make them for myself and if someone wanted them I'd make it for them.

    I really appreciate your feedback :) xx

  7. I was going to comment that I could not seem to find your nail polishes online. I didn't want to just in case I was an idiot and you had them somewhere glaringly obvious. :)