Sunday, June 24, 2012

OPI DS Extravagance

Hello there!

Wow, it feels like a long time since I blogged! I’ve been painting my nails a lot lately but I just haven’t really been inspired to blog. Not sure why, I just haven’t ‘felt’ it!


Anywhoo, let’s start this off with a beautiful OPI DS polish I picked up on Catch of the Day, an Aussie deals website, a few months ago.


This is DS Extravagance:


Two coats. Beautiful! This had a great formula and awesome staying power. I just love these polishes. I’m not quite sure what to call this finish though? It’s kind of glitter but not … the only appropriate term I feel that I can use is ‘diamond dust’, which is how OPI market these polishes (as containing diamond dust).


I still have a few DS’ left to try, but as I’ve said before I tend to keep them for occasions when I’m feeling down and need a little cheering up. Hey, everyone has their ways of cheering themselves up, right!?



  1. Hey welcome back!! This looks fantastic on you :)

  2. Thanks, Sarah :D
    It is gooorgeous :D I'm so glad they keep putting these on Catch of the Day or I never would have gotten them!!