Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bloom–The Cassette Society I & Miss Connie I

I’ve been eyeing off the Chanel Les Jeans collection lately … I can’t bring myself to buy it yet because the cheapest I can get it for is AUD$109 + postage. One day it will be mine but for now, I’ve had to satisfy my cravings for it with other pretty blue polishes.

I think these two are pretty good polishes to do just that:


The dark blue is Bloom The Cassette Society I and the light is Miss Connie I. They are beautiful Open-mouthed smile Two coats of each and an absolutely flawless formula. I got these when Bloom was having a 40% off Mother’s Day sale. They usually have polishes two for $30 so I got the 40% off that and free shipping for spending over $50. I think I ended up getting four polishes, a little pack of nail files and a concealer kit for about $55 with free shipping. Not too shabby Open-mouthed smile


I wanted to do a dotticure but one that was a little different to the ones I usually do. So I used a couple of different sizes of dotting tools to get different sized dots and did the opposite colour dots on each nail. This was my left hand and on my right I had Miss Connie I on my nails with The Cassette Society I as the accents. I got so many comments on these!


Have you done any dotticures lately?


  1. Oh the colours look great together, love the fact that you did an accent nail!
    Also love the fact that you used different sizes of dots,
    it's a fun mani!:D
    Lately I'm in the flower nail art again and stamping, oh I love stamping, so nope didn't do any dotticures lately!

  2. Thanks, Arletta :D I love having fun manis like this, people always notice them!
    Ooh flower nail art? I love stamping too :D Just got my new Bundle Monster plates so I know what I'll be doing for my next few manis!!

  3. This is really pretty! I've been lemming the Chanels too, but $109... pfffft.

  4. I know :( But they are so pretty! One day they will be mine, but not today. *sigh*

  5. Nice!!!
    And damn you expensive polish *waves angry fist*

  6. The different sized dots create a great effect. Loving the blue on blue - who needs Chanel nail polish anyway? The last one I bought had a crappy floppy brush...Bah humbug!

  7. Hahah Sarah, I agree! How dare they!

    Vita, thanks :D A floppy brush at that price?! That sucks!!!

  8. Me too, especially dotticures with different sized dots :D