Monday, March 5, 2012

RIP Toenails ...

Hey everyone!

I spent the weekend moving house.. My partner B and I bought a house here in the desert and have been staying with friends for a month before being able to move into our very own place.

I LOVE our new house so, so much. More room for polishes ;)

While moving, I had a little accident ...
Accident #1: I was moving my bedside table into place and didn't lift it high enough so it caught on my big toenail of my right foot and ripped it halfway up the nail bed. OW. Freaking OW. I now have a lovely "v" shape missing from my toenail. RIP right big toenail.
Accident #2 (about 10 minutes after Accident #1): I was sitting on the floor in the hallway putting towels and sheets away in the linen cupboard. I needed to get something so got up and on my way past managed to collect the bottom of the door with my LEFT big toenail and ripped that even worse than the right.
Even more ow and even more blood. RIP left big toenail. :(
Do you know my first thoughts when these accidents happened?
"Oh nooo, I won't be able to wear polish on my big toes for months!"
"Thank god that wasn't my fingernails".

I will be back soon when I get the photos on my camera onto my computer.

Have you had any nail-related incidents lately?


  1. Ouch babe, I can sympathize. I had locked the door to mine and my boyfriend's bedroom the other day because his niece (2 years) kept coming into the room and playing with my "pretties" (aka nail polish). He came home in a bad mood and when I unlocked the door to let him in, I didn't get my foot out of the way quick enough and I lost half of the toenail on my left foot. Ouchies :(

  2. Oh no, that sounds absolutely horrible!
    (Although I must admit that your thought about how fortunate is was that is wasn't your fingernails made me snigger!)

  3. Ouch! Hope everything heals okay!

  4. Oooooh OUUUCH! You poor thing! I hope your toenail heals fast!!

    Haha I know, priorities, right? :P

    Thanks, Kaz :)

  5. Ouch! Although what nail blogger wouldn't think Thank God it wasn't my fingernails :) Also I gave you the Laine Award on my blog: