Wednesday, March 14, 2012

China Glaze–Secret Peri-wink-le

My poor, poor nails. While moving house a week and a half ago I had a lot of breakages. So I admitted defeat and filed my nails into round shape instead of my usual squovals. Urgh. I really hate this shape on me. This is the shape I used to have when I was first blogging and I look back and cringe!!!

I only did a couple of manis while my nails were this shape before I cracked the shits and filed them squoval again but super, super short. You always lose more length with squovals, I find!

This is one of the manis I did with round nails:


China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le. This is more blue in real life, it’s a real blurple. Two coats. Excuse the messy application … I was far too lazy to do my nails properly so this was done while sitting in the recliner the night after we moved into our new house.


Look at my poor little finger!!! There was just nothing left of it! Thankfully it’s grown pretty fast in the past week and a half.


Have your nails been misbehaving lately?



  1. Don't worry, it will grow again! :-) I have one of mine quite a bit of a disaster also, it broke. I was searching for this colour when I found your blog, I have bought it recently and it'a a lovely colour but it needs 2 coats or it looks awful.

  2. Thank goodness they didn't take too long to grow again! I totally agree.. even with two coats mine was still patchy and I didn't realise til I looked at the photos!!