Thursday, March 22, 2012

China Glaze–Custom Kicks with stamping

Hey everyone!

Sorry I’ve been AWOL again … I’ve been pretty busy with work, massaging and dealing with this little munchkin:


This is Max, my new kitten. She is a beautiful Ragdoll kitty with a little Burmese in her too. She’s very cuddly and sweet but also a lot of work. I’m already totally in love with her!


Anywhoo, onto the nails! I apologise in advance for this photo because I accidentally wiped the good photos off my camera and I didn’t realise until I was just about to take my polish off … so you get a mani with tip wear and chips!! This was three days old so I really can’t complain!


China Glaze Custom Kicks. Man, is this colour hard to photograph, but it’s a gorgeous bright aqua with a shimmer through it. This is two coats. This polish stains cuticles like a mofo, by the way!


I stamped over the top of it using Konad Special Polish in pastel purple and used a Red Angel plate. I really liked the look Open-mouthed smile


Custom Kicks is definitely a “me” colour. Colours like this just scream out at me.


What’s your go-to colour?



  1. Awwwww Max is so adorable *snatches*

  2. That's probably the cutest kitten I've ever seen! <3

  3. I KNOW. She is beautiful :) What a terror though!!! Ragdolls are meant to be so placid and low maintenance - not this girl!!! She just doesn't stop!!

  4. Pretty nails and such a cutie kitty! My sister in law has a rag doll, they grow into BIG cats.

  5. Naww how cute is max! =)
    Love the nails! Is this colour similar to Ulta3 Pacific Fever? I love these types of aqua's and have always thought of getting this colour "someday" but if it's similar to Pacific fever i won't get it.

  6. Cathy, they sure do!!! She's going to be a big, fluffy one :D

    Kelz, I knooow! I'm in love! Nah, this is darker than Pacific Fever. I'll do a comparison if you like? :) It's a different kind of shimmer, too.

  7. A comparison would be awesome if you get the time, otherwise i'm not fussed! It will end up on my wish list anyway haha