Friday, March 30, 2012

essie–Smooth Sailing

I finally got my essie order from Ozsale – yay! I was really lucky because none of my bottles were broken or leaking. I’ve heard some really bad stories lately about people’s packages from Ozsale being trashed. They actually packed mine pretty well with bubble wrap and a bubble lined post bag. I got lucky!!!


This is Smooth Sailing, a polish I have been lemming since it came out:


Ahhhhh, gorgeous. Two coats of perfection. Look at this stunning shimmer! It’s such a beautiful blue with a hint of purple. This was actually pretty hard to photograph.


How did you go with your Ozsale order?



  1. This is gorgeous, looks great on you! I'm in the US so I don't order from ozsale but I have heard good things about it =)

  2. Mine came wrapped nicely like yours, luckily! Essie makes the most beautiful blues don't they!

  3. Thanks, Jacqui :D Ozsale have great prices but their customer service is shopping! And you have to wait aaages for your parcel :( But otherwise awesome!

    Holly, you are so right! Such unique, gorgeous blues!