Monday, December 12, 2011


This is the lone shimmer in the Ulta3 Summer Siren collection. The rest are beautiful cremes!


This is a pretty colour, but it didn’t really grab me as unique or special:


Orchid, ONE coat. Could not believe that I was satisfied with one coat of this polish!! Usually I do two just to be “on the safe side” but I didn’t need to with Orchid!!


Shortly after this, I smudged pretty much all my nails and ruined my mani Sad smile Hate it when that happens!


What do you think of this colour?



  1. :( to the smudging :( But its an excuse to put on another pretty colour :p Do you use a quick-dry top coat?

  2. So beautiful ... and one coat? I'll have to look out for this one!!

  3. That's true :D I use Seche Vite but sometimes I still wrinkle it :( I did it tonight too, grrrr!

    Yes, one coat :D :D Love it!!