Saturday, December 3, 2011

Custom Polish–A Drop in the Ocean

I was really in the mood to create some custom polishes lately. I originally set out to make a forest green jelly with glitter, but I underestimated the darkness of the Ferric Ferrocyanide (blue) tints and it turned out waaay darker than I imagined, even when I added in extra yellow tint.


So I decided to add some of the green/blue colour morphing powder Cathy sent me. And I love the result.


Here it is under my white light:


This is three coats. It was quite sheer for such a dark polish, but that’s because the polish base is a jelly.

Look at the gorgeous shimmer through it! It starts out green and changes to blue.


And now some photos outside to show the colour shift.


Going bluer ….



And bluer …



And even bluer …


Love! I think this is one of the best polishes I’ve ever made! The colour morphing powder makes it so easy to create a stunning polish. I love both colours it produces and must find more excuses to go outside to look at my nails Smile with tongue out

Have you made any polishes lately?



  1. This is really gorgeous! I need to try making some of my own polishes :D

  2. o.O beautiful - I would buy that! Your pictures really captured the colour shift

  3. Thanks my lovelies :D
    Sneaks, making polishes is so fun :D Do iiiit!

    Kristy - awww thanks, that's so sweet :D It's more subtle inside but outside the colour shift really pops!

  4. Gorgeous polish! Hello from the Sonoran Desert!

  5. Thank you :D Wow, where is the Sonoran Desert?!

  6. The Sonoran Desert is mostly in the state of Arizona, U.S.A. and the state of Sonora, Mexico. It's south of the Grand Canyon. We get rainfall twice a year so it's a lush desert. I'm in Phoenix, Arizona - a huge metropolitan area. I really like the holo polishes you make!

  7. Oh wow, that would be beautiful! Yes, I've heard of Phoenix :D We rarely get rain here but we get some AMAZING storms when we do. Huge electrical storms! We actually have one brewing at the moment!!
    Thank you :D

  8. Oh Em, I love this!!! I have to have a crack at it. Yep last cab off the rank but I love going through these older posts of yours. Yes I made one with Carribean Blue colour shift powder ages ago that I love, I called it Stella, Lacquer Base, Carribean Blue, I don't know how much I packed in there and a couple of drops of black tinter. xoxo