Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Custom Polishes using Spectraflair

I have something to confess: I have an addiction. My addiction comes in powder form and is purchased by the gram.  I only have 1.5 grams left so I’m going to have to hit up my dealer for some more.

Have you guessed what it is yet?

Iiiiiiit’s Spectraflair! The holographic powder of the gods. I seriously love this stuff.

Last night I whipped up four awesome looking holos:



These are unnamed at the moment because I haven’t managed to think of anything decent. I also made half full bottles because I knew I’d never get through a full bottle! Ah, the beauty of making your own polish.



I’ve been trying and trying to make that perfect red holo but everything I make turns out slightly pink because of the silver in the Spectraflair. Gerrr! The black holo was a mistake.. I was trying to make green and accidentally poured my BLACK tint into the bottle instead of the blue!!! Ah well, I’m sure I can find a good home for it Winking smile.



The green was a bit of an experiment. I was going for a forest green but once I got to this colour I kind of liked it so stopped mixing.

The purple kind of looks like the Unicorn Tears polish I made a while back:



But it’s a bit more pink, I think. And WAY more holo. Honestly, you should see this baby in the sun. I’m wearing it right now and keep drooling over it. Will post photos tomorrow!!!


So, which polish would you like to see me wear next?




  1. *Drools* Now i feel like driving to Essential Distrubtion just to look for holos :p

  2. The black one is gorgeous even though it was made by mistake!

  3. ooooh im liking the look of that bold green one! =]

  4. These are really gorgeous! I'd love to see the red one first. :)

  5. Amazing Em! Great work. Your dealer is ready with more drugs anytime! Also, I notice you got the bottles from Beauty World too! I just got some. I think they are fantastic value and beautiful bottles. The tints are awesome too. Love that green!

  6. Thank you, thank you everyone! I had so much fun making them!! You'll see the purple tomorrow and green on Thursday :D And I'm not sure what colour after that.. maybe the red :D

    Cathy, eeeexcellent :D I will have to do a 'deal' with you soon :P :P The bottles are FANTASTIC!! I bought 50 of them because I loved them so much!!! They are such a good price and so lovely looking. And I love that you get 2 balls in each!!! Ray is fantastic to deal with too. I've already done 2 orders through him and am guaranteed to make more! I don't struggle getting to the $100 limit :P

  7. That's funny, I got 50 bottles too!! Can you believe we are going to each make that many polishes! I love the fact that they are ready to go with the balls in them. Ray is awesome, I'm so glad we found the supplier!!

  8. Haha that's hilarious!!! Oh, I believe it :P :P
    I'm so glad YOU found the supplier!! I am sooo grateful because it is a gold mine!

  9. I like the black and green ones a lot!

  10. Thanks :D I'll be posting the black in a couple of days! YAY!