Wednesday, December 21, 2011

BYS Matte Royal Blue with OPI Last Friday Night

I was stumped as to how to paint my nails today. I chopped them all down so they were even length and eventually settled on BYS Matte Royal Blue.

Two coats. This was a great formula. Quite sheer, but covered pretty well in two coats. I would have done three if I haven’t layered something else on top of it. It’s such a pretty colour. I think I’m going to have to wear this one on its own some time, with a top coat, of course. BYS’ Matte formula is different to the matte velvets like what OPI and Zoya make. It reminds me of the Illamasqua rubbery finish.

I was originally going to do some nail stamping in white, but then a certain pretty I’d been lusting after for a long time caught my eye: OPI’s Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry collection.
This is one of the first OPIs that caught my eye back when I only had a few nail polishes. Way back before I started reading blogs and before I became obsessed with all things nails.

I layered two coats on top of Matte Royal Blue:
So, so pretty. I couldn’t believe how much glitter came out onto the nail in just one coat. I did another one just for extra bling Winking smile
I really love this combo. I have Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection and I’m definitely going to be layering that one sometime soon, possibly over a dark pink.

I love glittery nubbins Open-mouthed smile



  1. I broke my nails too and I decided to layer glitter over them after I read your post(: before that I was at a loss!

    BTW I tagged you in my Top 10 Awards!

  2. Thanks Kristy :D

    Nicole, I know exactly what you mean!! Thank you :D

  3. Thank you :D It's something a bit different isn't it?