Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ulta3–Strawberry Sundae

I really felt like wearing a creme polish so I picked Ulta3’s Strawberry Sundae.

I wish I didn’t!



Meh. It’s pink. It’s not special. The formula was poo. I have nothing good to say!


Here’s another not-good thing I have to say: Manicare Glam Nails Nail Art Pens are a total waste of money. I bought three while I was in Adelaide and I really wish I hadn’t. I couldn’t get the black one to work at all. The silver one took literally an hour of me shaking it and pressing the tip in and shaking it some more before the polish flowed.

So when I finally got the silver pen working, I did this:


Cool stripes, right? I look a bit like a present!

The bad part? See that thick, uneven stripe in the middle of my pinkie? That’s where the pen ran out.

Oh yes, I barely got to finish ONE HAND and my $10 nail art pen RAN OUT OF POLISH.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! What a waste of my hard earned cash. Honestly, what is the point of these pens?! I had such high hopes for them and they DO do a good job once they start working, but this is one expensive mani!!!


Have you tried the Manicare nail art pens yet?


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  1. I have every single color of those pens and they work great for me (: Try dipping the tip in acetone and cleaning it with paper towel.