Wednesday, May 30, 2012

OPI–Don’t Touch My Tutu with Bundle Monster stamping

When I want a pretty, delicate looking mani which will ‘cleanse’ my nails of all the crazy colours I’ve been painting them lately, I reach for one of my trusty OPI NYC Ballet Collection polishes.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I love these polishes. I love them to the point where I can see myself running out of some of the colours. This is almost unheard of in my world! Perhaps I should get backups? Smile with tongue out


Anywhoo, this is the white from the collection, Don’t Touch My Tutu:


So, so pretty. Three coats. This was probably the worst formula out of the ones I’ve used but it still wasn’t bad. It was a tiny bit troublesome in that I had a couple of bald spots when I went over the same area but that was a minor inconvenience which I sorted out pretty quickly. If this is the worst formula, I’m in love!

I freakin’ love this polish. It is so pure and pretty and is such a nice, clean slate to work with. Am I mental for being so in love with a collection of polishes?!


Anyway, as pretty as it was on its own, I really wanted to try some more of my Fab UR Nails metallic stamping polishes.

This time I tried the metallic blue:


Freakin’ AWESOME!!! This time I didn’t have any trouble with the design drying quicker than normal on the stamper. The Metallic Blue worked perfectly and I absolutely love the colour.

This is a Bundle Monster design which I’ve been wanting to use for a while. I got so many comments on these nails!

The only thing about these Fab Ur Nails stamping polishes … they stink like Kleancolors! So they’re definitely not 3-free. But for someone like me, that doesn’t matter!


Have you been rockin’ the NYC Ballet Collection polishes like me? Open-mouthed smile



  1. Wow, that's beautifully clean stamping! :) I've yet to try this BM design out, but now I'm definitely eyeing it...

  2. Thanks :D Most of the BM designs don't work for me but I was glad this one did :D