Monday, May 28, 2012

duri–Devil Wears duri with Chi Chi Crystal Top Coat

I’ve never worn a duri polish before. My friend Kate got this for me from the US when she was there last year. It looked like such a pretty colour in the bottle!

This is Devil Wears duri:


Two coats, I believe. But could have easily been one. The formula wasn’t too shabby. It’s got a nice shimmer but it just doesn’t really do much for me!


So I tried to fix it:


Yeaaaah, still not doing much for me. A coat of Chi Chi Crystal Top Coat (which you could barely see) and I still wasn’t impressed.

So what did I do?


Ohh yeah, mattify it! MUCH better Open-mouthed smile


Matte flakies are the bomb, would you agree?


  1. Matte flakies are definitely the bomb! The matte is really wow on this combo.

  2. Matte flakies make anything better :D