Thursday, May 9, 2013

HARE Golden Years & Oceans of Alloys and Dollish Polish Go Luigi!

I have a couple of pretty indies for you today. We do really have some talented ladies out there who create some beauties.

The first is a couple from HARE polish. Nikole creates some gorgeous polishes and I believe she creates them with her partner/husband!
The darker blue with green and silver glitter is Golden Years and the light blue is Oceans of Alloys. Oceans of Alloys is “a dusty light blue jelly with a mixture of gold and copper glitter in both hexes and squares in several different sizes. Mysterious iridescent blue glitter is scattered throughout, as well as delicate gold flecks.” It really is lovely. Golden Years is “a semi-sheer navy blue jelly packed full of gold glitter in squares and hexes in all kinds of sizes, mysterious iridescent blue glitter, navy blue hexes and delicate gold flecks”.
I used two coats of each and had no issues with application despite the fact they are very glitter-heavy.

The next polish is quite old but a favourite of mine.
Dollish Polish Go Luigi! layered here over black. Isn’t this CUTE!? I just love green and blue glitter. I had to fish for that poor lone star, so that’s my only complaint. This was two coats.

What’s your favourite indie brand?


  1. Hi, Em! Oh my, these two polishes are so lovely! I wish I can get them all (: My favorite indie brand is Lynnderella. Too bad, I can't get them anymore, sad, sad.

  2. Love all of these polishes! I have both of those HAREs but they're sitting in my storage cabinet all sad and untried :( they look lovely on you!

  3. Very nice manicures :D I prefer the second one
    Why don't we follow each other: you can find me here:
    Francesca from

  4. Oh no :( Why can't you get Lynnderellas anymore, Rat Pack???

    You neeed to try them, PPP!!! :D

    Thanks, Francesca!