Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pretty Serious spam

Oh boy do I have a treat for you all today. Since I haven’t been blogging as regularly I have a huuuge backlog of posts to get through. So I thought what better way to do that then combine a few posts into one and do some spammy posts. First up is Pretty Serious Cosmetics.

Now, if you haven’t heard of Pretty Serious already I’ll just assume you’ve been hiding under a rock. Kaz is the brainchild of Pretty Serious and runs the blog Pretty Random, which is top notch. A year or so ago she unveiled her cosmetics company and since then the nail polish community has wept for their wallets. You see, Pretty Serious polishes are just too good to resist.

On with the show!




BSOD stands for Blue Screen of Death, which I’m sure you’ve all seen from time to time. It is never a good sign and basically means your computer is kaput.

BSOD in polish form is stunning. It is a deep blue jelly with gorgeous microglitter. Honestly, I could not fault this polish both in looks, wear time and application. This was two easy coats which stayed on for a good few days of running around Adelaide.


Galaxy Invader:


Kaz released Galaxy Invader as part of a trio of multichromes. This is a beautiful blue multichrome with a foil finish. This was three coats, just to make sure any pesky bald spots were covered. You can see the gorgeous aqua best in this photo.

But wait for it …


Oh hi, blue and purple!



There you are! The shift from purple to blue is most noticeable outside and it is absolutely stunning. What a truly gorgeous polish.


Emma Louise:


Emma Louise holds a special place in my heart because I am an Emma Louise! The Emma Louise this polish was designed by is one of Kaz’s good friends. The polish was made for her 30th birthday and only 300 of them will ever be made. There are only a few left so go, go, go! Buy, buy, buy!

Emma Louise is so unique, with a deep violet base, golden green glass flecks, purple microglitter and purple and green hexes. Whew, what a mouthful! And what a pretty, pretty polish. I applied two coats and it was just perfect.

Here’s a close up of all that glorious glitter:



Poltergeist Puddle


There is just so much going on in this polish that I couldn’t capture on camera. Poltergeist Puddle, from Kaz’s Halloween collection, is a lovely deep purple with a blue tinge to it. It also manages to flash pink in some lights and is truly a unique polish. I haven’t seen another like it and I’ll be hanging onto this baby.

Formula was no problems at all and this was two coats.


So there you have it, Pretty Serious galore! Get on it!


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