Friday, October 5, 2012

Cult Nails–Princess

Oh man, it’s taken me a long time to jump on the Cult Nails train but seriously, I am so glad I finally have.  I am now absolutely obsessed with Cult Nails and have since acquired at least 10 more of their polishes. Honestly, I love the unique colours Maria from Cult Nails comes out with. They’re something a little different and I have so many I’m dying to try.

This is Princess, a gorgeous blue creme with a lovely golden shimmer. I was going to call it powder blue but it’s a little darker than that.

Anyway, enough babbling and on to the pretty polish!


Oooh ahhhh! It’s alright, I’ll forgive you if you drool. This was two easy coats of Princess. I really, really love this polish. The formula was awesome and it just lasted and lasted without chips and tip wear.


Stay tuned for more Cult Nails posts Open-mouthed smile



  1. I love Princess the shimmer reminds me of a RBL polish, but I've always thought it should have swapped names with Charming!

  2. Oh girlfriend, I'm glad u found ur way to Cult also cause u were seriously missing out! Aren't they just fab! Truly interesting shades and the flakies and toppers r to die for! XO

  3. I am sooo glad I found my way too :D I was really missing out on something amazing!
    Thanks everyone :D Ame, I think you're right!!