Monday, September 3, 2012

OPI-Swimsuit…Nailed It!

Oh how I love this polish. But I also loathe it so much I had to get rid of it.


This is OPI Swimsuit…Nailed It! From the Miss Universe collection:


Stunning? Right? This is two coats of the possibly one of the most stunning polishes I’ve seen.

What’s the problem then, you ask? It stains like a MOFO, Honestly, I had it on for less than six hours because I made the mistake of layering blue flakies on top and it just didn’t work. I took it off and promptly got a bad case of the Smurfies. Blue fingers, blue cuticles, blue nails. RARRRR! It took some vigorous buffing and a long time in the shower scrubbing the rest off my skin and picking rogue blue bits off my skin to get my hands clean.


Such a shame. I Googled this polish and it’s a common problem. Why, OPI, Why!?!

Did you get a bad case of the Smurf Hands when you used this polish?


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  1. I'm surprised and disappointed this polish stains as OPI polishes are usually pretty good and this polish is so gorgeous. I'd love to know exactly what pigment causes the problem.