Tuesday, September 18, 2012

L’Oreal–Blue Reef and French Riviera

I’m going to bring out another one of my favourite sayings: shock horror, it’s another L’Oreal Winking smile (that one was for you, Liesl!) In fact, it’s two L’Oreals!


I was so, so excited to find the new L’Oreals at my local pharmacy because let’s face it, here in the desert we miss out on most things beauty related. The only places to get make up is the pharmacy and Woolworths (grocery store for any non-Aussies). So when I spied these babies I was beside myself.

I decided to try two polishes in one hit seeing as I couldn’t decide between two! Luckily the two polishes went well together so I did an accent nail.


Here is Blue Reef and French Riviera:


The, er, dark green polish on the accent nail is Blue Reef. Don’t ask me why they decided to call it Blue Reef because it is most definitely a dark, dusty green. The mint green is French Riviera.

I used two coats of Blue Reef and three of French Riviera. The formula on French Riviera was a bit of an a-hole. It was fairly streaky and gloopy but it managed to even itself out in two coats.


Watcha think?


  1. SHOCK HORROR!! MORE L'OREAL!! ;D But ohhhh love! Those are gorgeous together. The lighter formulas can be tricksy, though.

  2. Heheh :P They did compliment each other rather well! You're right about lighter formulas :( They can be a bugger to work with but most of the time are soo worth it!

  3. Ughhh! I need to get my hands on more L'Oreals!

  4. Nice mani, Blue Reef is super pretty

  5. Stef, you doooo! They have really brought out some beautiful polishes!
    Kristy, it's a lovely colour! Still don't get why they called it blue though!?