Friday, August 10, 2012

Vodka Cruiser–Blurple with OPI Red Shatter

Here’s another one of the polishes I grabbed from my friend’s moving sale. This was part of a Vodka Cruisers range (for the non-Aussies, Vodka Cruisers are pre-mixed Vodka drinks). This one doesn’t have a name, so here it is:


Beautiful blurple creme. I had such trouble capturing this one on camera! It is a bit more purple than this in real life.

Formula was excellent and wear time was a little average but I think this was a pretty cheap polish so I wasn’t too fussed.


I added some OPI Red Shatter over it for something different:


The red goes quite a nice shade of deep blood red over this colour. I liked it Open-mouthed smile


What do you think? Have you seen these polishes before?


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