Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I always associated Avon with granny-ish colours and boring finishes. It seems they have lifted their game in recent years. I found this one at the post office in the next town over. The lady who runs the post office is the Avon rep for the town (it is a very small town!!). She had a basket of Avon makeup and polishes on the front counter and I had a ball pawing through and selecting a few polishes and other bits and pieces.


This is one of the polishes I found, Tang-tastic:


Two coats, amaaazing formula. I love love loved how bright this was! It was like a deep orange-red. Normally these colours make my skin tone look like crap but this actually really flattered my skin and made it look quite creamy. Winner Open-mouthed smile This one wore fantastically.


I can’t wait to try my other Avon polishes! Do you have any in your collection?


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