Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spectrafranken–Albino Smurf

Okay, so I’d like to retract my previous statement that I’m getting sick of holo polishes.

Please strike that from the record and take a look at this:



Oh yeah, I’ve got my Spectra-mojo back. Seriously, I think I was just disappointed in the last two Spectrafrankens I tried (He’s My Lobster and The Legend of Ron Burgundy).

This is two coats of Albino Smurf. It is so freakin’ gorgeous I can’t even stand it. It’s so shiny and metallic and the perfect blue. It’s like a brighter version of 2NITE from the China Glaze OMG! Collection.


I would love to give you the recipe, but this was a bit of a mutant franken. I was trying to make Kristy’s Terrific Teal Franken but I definitely did not end up with the same colour as her. I used my 5mL bottles as usual and poured in BYS Dark Teal up to the widest part of the bottle at the top. I added my usual three tiny straw spoonfuls of Spectraflair, dropped in a ball and shake shake shaked.

Er, not exactly the colour I was looking for?! I added a boatload of Ulta3 Midnight, a black polish, and this is how it turned out. I’m still scratching my head as to how it turned out so different. Maybe I added more Spectraflair? Either way, this colour is stunning.

But I’m still left wanting Terrific Teal Sad smile




  1. Very very nice! I love the name Albino Smurf

    To make Terrific Teal just grab another bottle of Dark Teal and slowly add spectraflair until it looks how you want

  2. Hehe it's good isn't it? My partner thought of it!

    I might have to give it another go :)

  3. What a sensational colour - just love it.

  4. This is beautiful! If you don't want it-I'll take it of your hands!

  5. Hahahaha cheeky :P If I could remember how to make it, I'd make you one!!