Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Winner of the Mont Bleu competition

Hello all!

I'm pleased to announce the winner of the Mont Bleu competition - Sarah Claire!!!
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ulta3 spam



Onto the second part of my spam from The Heat Group, the Ulta3s! Aussie nail fanatics are very familiar with these $2 bargains. Ulta3 is awesome quality polish for a fraction of the price of most others. Ulta3 has been awesome at keeping up with the latest trends and have come out with some really cool polishes lately.


Here is a shade from their recent pastels collection, Corsican rose:


Gorgeous, right? This is a dusty mint green. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that I LOVE cremes and I LOVE pastels. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a good creme and pastels are perfect for the warmer weather. It also helps that it flatters my skin tone like nothing else and makes my nails look twice as long as they are Winking smile

This was two easy coats of a great formula. Pastels can be notoriously difficult to apply but this was an exception. I do have a lot of shades like this but in my opinion, you can’t have enough of them Winking smile


This is one of Ulta3’s oldest and most common shades, Lollypop Lilac:


It’s a glitzy foil which is more of a dusty purple than a lilac. Talk about bling bling! This was two coats but it would easily be a one coater.


I did some weird nail art with it:


I used Essence Sweet Or Nude? for the base colour, which I liked a hell of a lot more than I thought I would. It’s a shimmery pale pink which is a touch frosty but not too much. Two coats. Then I dotted some random Lollypop Lilac dots on it. I’d say it’s a bit of a fail but oh well, I gave it a go Winking smile


Have you got either of these bargain pretties?

Mont Bleu giveaway!

I am so excited to share with you some products I received from Mont Bleu. There is something awesome in the works for Love Thy Polish and I received some products from Mont Bleu to try. They were also kind enough to donate a gift card to spend on anything of your choosing in the Mont Bleu store! How exciting!

Firstly, have you ever used a glass nail file? Before Mont Bleu, I had. I picked up a $2 glass file at one of the cheap stores here. And I hated it. It didn’t file any length off, I didn’t feel like it smoothed my nail, it felt like a waste of time. So it got pushed to the back of a drawer and I went back to the old faithful cardboard files. The problem is, they get ‘blunt’ so quickly!

I had heard fantastic things about Mont Bleu but never had the opportunity to try them. An Aussie indie recently started selling them so I had that opportunity and I fell in love with them. So I spoke to Mont Bleu and they sent me some goodies to share with you on here and also donated an awesome voucher Open-mouthed smile

They sent me a large Swarovski glass file and a small Swarovski file and a gorgeous pair of tweezers with Swarovskis on them.

How can you not drool at how beautiful these are? They have the authentic Mont Bleu holographic sticker which guarantees they are Mont Bleu and real Czech glass. The difference between the Mont Bleu files (made out of Czech glass) and the cheapie glass file I got (made out of who knows what) is that Czech glass never dulls. This file will last you forever. You can wash it, sterilise it, file your nails to your heart’s content and it will never lose quality. Now that is cool.
I was so impressed with them. The Mont Bleu files take length off your nails quickly and easily. My nails don’t peel nearly as much since using my glass file and I find that I can get a better shape and a straighter edge on my nails.

Here’s a close up of the stunning files:
They are honestly mesmerising.

I was also sent these goodies:
A beautiful Swarovski encrusted mirror and some crystal earrings!! I was blown away at how beautiful these are. Look at all the colours!

So, to celebrate the awesome-ness of Mont Bleu products, I’m running a giveaway. Mont Bleu have kindly donated a USD$30 gift card for one lucky reader.

a Rafflecopter giveaway So what are you waiting for? Enter away Open-mouthed smile


Monday, March 17, 2014

Essence spam!

Hi there my pretties!
Today I have some Essence polishes to share with you. Sarah from The Heat Group was kind enough to send me some polishes to review, so here is the first instalment.

Metal Glams
This is from the BRAND NEW collection, Metal Glam:
Petal to the Metal. I actually liked this polish a lot more than I thought I would! It’s a pretty, delicate pink-toned lilac. It went on quite smoothly with not too many brush strokes. This was two coats but it was almost a one-coater! Almost unheard of for such a light shade. This would be fantastic to use for stamping, I think.

Steel-ing the Scene. Not going to lie, this isn’t really my kind of colour, but I didn’t mind this. It wasn’t a brassy bronze  so it went a lot better with my skin tone than most bronzes. This one was streakier than Petal to the Metal but still not too bad. I wasn’t too careful when applying it so I think you could get a lot less brush strokes than I did.

This is one of Essence’s core collection, Red Ahead:
Er. It’s brown. I didn’t realise it was meant to be red until I read the label! To me, it’s a beautiful chocolate brown creme. I love it! Browns are one of my favourites (even though a lot of people don’t like them) and this will be perfect for winter. I’m really unsure as to where the ‘red’ in the name comes from, but I don’t mind as I’m chuffed it’s a brown instead! This was two easy coats.

I hope you enjoyed the Essence spam! I’ll be back tomorrow with some Ulta3 spam!


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sea Siren Cosmetics All That Shimmers & All That Glitters collections

Hi all!

I’m back from a short hiatus. I’ve had computer problems and they were finally fixed today so I have my precious computer back *strokes*.


Today I have for you the new pretties from Sea Siren Cosmetics, a new Aussie indie. It’s a collection of four glitter toppers, the All That Glitters part, and four shimmers, the All That Shimmers collection!

And away we go, maties!


I’ve layered a glitter over the shimmer that I feel best corresponds with it. But there are endless possibilities here Winking smile


Bronzed Siren and Seaduce

This is two coats of Bronzed Siren with a coat of Seaduce on top. The formula of Bronzed Siren was good but I found it quite brush strokey and more frosty than shimmery. It’s not really a shade I’d usually wear but I’m sure it would appeal to a lot of girls who want a bit of metallic bling on their nails! I layered Seaduce on top and had no trouble getting any glitters out, including the big silver holo diamonds which you can see a lot of on my middle and little fingernails.


Seas the Day and SeaQuake

First of all, don’t mind my ring finger. I bumped it and didn’t realise it was that bad until I looked at the photos over a week later.

This was two coats of Seas the Day which is a really pretty pink-toned purple shimmer. It is inspired by the Pantone Colour for 2014, Orchid, and it is absolutely spot on in that regard. It’s quite a glowy purple with a lot of depth.

I layered a coat of SeaQuake over it. I’d heard reports of curling in some of the larger glitters but I didn’t experience any difficulty applying it. Looking at my photos, there’s quite a lot of reflective curling happening but I didn’t have any problems applying it!


Okay NOW we’re getting to my favourites.


Temptress and Enchanted

Um, HELLO gorgeous glowy red with a golden shimmer. This is stunning! I did three coats because I had some pesky nail line showing through, but the formula was great. I am a huge fan of reds but I am really, really picky with them. This one passes the test with flying colours. Formula was great!

I added a coat of Enchanted, a simple gold and black glitter topper which kind of reminds me of a bumblebee! I think I needed a second coat because it just doesn’t look right to me.


And now, drumroll please …. my favourite of the collection!


Jealosea and Great Barrier Reef

Jealosea is a stunning deep aqua with a lovely delicate shimmer through it. It’s almost a one coater but I did two just to be on the safe side. The formula is amazing. I’m in lurv!!

I added accent nails of Great Barrier Reef, which is my favourite glitter of the collection. I love the vibrant purples, greens and blue glitters. This is just one coat so it’s got a lot of glitter packed into it!


You can get these at the Sea Siren Cosmetics website for $6.95 for a 5mL bottle and $15.95 for a huge 15mL bubble.